Hill Christmas Cabin 2014, Pt 1

December 9, 2014

Last year, my in-laws started a new tradition, the Christmas Cabin. We all decided this was the best way for all 15 of us to be in one place, for an extended amount of time, to celebrate Christmas as a family. With so many schedules going this way and that, the Christmas Cabin made it easy to enjoy the holidays together without traveling during it. And that has worked wonderfully for all of us. With a second year in the books, it's now a family tradition.

Last Thursday afternoon is when it began. Husband and I finished packing up our things, and met up with the other Hill family in our area at Starbucks. Because who does a road trip without stopping there first?! Then we carpooled out to Smith Mountain Lake, where we met up with husband's parents. And shortly after, the rest of the family rolled in. 

Although we were not technically in a cabin this year, I'm still calling it that. It was quaint and lakefront, giving us a gorgeous view the entire stay.

It rained most of the time we were there, so we snuggled down inside and played games/lounged. The wood-burning fireplace was probably my favorite spot to hang out.

The way we work this weekend is to have mock Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We call it Hill Christmas. So Friday was our Christmas Eve fun, and everyone cooked up a storm in the house prepping for the meal that night. 

Of course, Christmas decorations were a must, to transform the cabin into a Christmas wonderland. Don't you just love these big-bulbed lights?!
And the weekend wasn't complete without reindeer antlers, Santa hats, blinking Rudolph noses, and stockings. 

^^ Can you tell what is playing on the television?? It's a Hill favorite for the holidays, but I can't say I've learned to love it. ^^

After dinner, the babes were all tucked away for bedtime, and we had shared stories of our childhood Christmases, we hung all the stockings and stuffed them.

And then it was time for bed ourselves...not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. 

On Thursday I'll be sharing the rest of the pictures from the Christmas Cabin. Come back to take a peak at what Hill Christmas looked like! And for all you bloggers who joined the Christmas Cheer Exchange, don't forget we're linking up tomorrow to share what all our boxes contained!!