Gobbled Till We Wobbled

December 1, 2014

Happy Monday! I think I'm still stuffed from the three Thanksgiving feasts husband and I gladly partook in over the course of the last week! In honor of all the turkey, cranberries, and dressing we consumed I'm posting about the Turkey Day feast we hosted at our home on Thursday. 

It was a great day, which started out with us eating homemade quiche (I made it the day before) while we watched the entire Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Of course I have no photos of that, except for the one on my Instagram. Afterward we showered, got out of our pajamas, and started prepping for the guests!

We had a mini lunch consisting of butternut squash soup, stuffed mushrooms, a walnut & sage cheese ball, and pomegranate fizzies, that we gobbled up with my parents and sister while watching Christmas movies. We rounded out the early afternoon just lounging around, because who doesn't need that every now and then?!

My brother-, sister-in-law and nephews joined us in the evening and stayed the night with us (sleepovers are kind of the best!). Around 6:00 we gathered around the table for citrus-stuffed turkey, Brussels sprouts with dried cranberries and sunflower seeds, two-potato hash, artisan bread, and wild mushroom-bacon stuffing, We finished up the night by brewing caramel lattes, eating pumpkin and cranberry cheesecake, and watching Christmas Vacation, a family Thanksgiving Day tradition! 

Now for some photos and A FILM at the bottom of this post!!