Friday Favorites Full of Christmas Cheer!

December 26, 2014

The past 7 days have been like a week full of Fridays and I've loved it! The festivities have been cheerful, the presents abounding, and the reminder of our Savior's birth apparent in everything. This week has definitely had favorite moments and as always I'm sharing them with you on this Friday. And it just so happens that this is the last Friday of 2014! Say what?! My word, where has this year gone?? Seriously though?!

Before getting into my favorites, I have to throw in one more Merry Christmas, before it becomes officially unacceptable to say it for another year. I do hope you and yours had a magical Christmas filled with more love than ever and the sweet news of the Lord's birth!

[one] Last Saturday we went on a double date with Pete's brother Cary and wife Amy. The four of us caught a men's basketball game at our alma mater followed up with family dinner and a million rounds of Head's Up.

[two] Sunday morning was the best we've had in a while. We got up early enough to have a breakfast date at Starbucks before getting to church. At church there was a Christmas Cantata of sorts with steel drums and it was amazing! The afternoon was spent at my grandmother's for a Christmas lunch with family. It was kind of the perfect day.

[three] Monday night I came home from work to find husband just like ^^this^^. His tool belt had become a cleaning belt, and the whole house had been scrubbed to a pearly white. It was glorious and took so much stress off of my shoulders. He won some serious brownie points for it ;)

[four] Another Monday night bit of fun was taking a minute to relax and get some quality time with one another. So went on a date, ate out-of-this-world pizza, and grabbed a couple of last minute gifts. Living in a college town, it was SO nice to eat out downtown, which is typically overflowing with college students.

[five] Our Christmas Card Tree filled out its branches as Christmas cards kept spilling in. I have loved watching the tree fill up with our people.

[six] Another thing that filled up was the space underneath of our Christmas tree. Don't you just love looking at your twinkling tree with presents heaped up around it?! You should check out the GIF I made of it!

[seven] Tuesday around noon we arrived in my hometown to spend Christmas with my parents and sister. The driveway décor was a nice greeting, welcoming us for our extended stay.

[eight] The twinkling lights that have lit the nights for over a month now. I'm going to be sad to see them go. But, I refuse to be that person who leaves their lights up well through the spring and until the next holiday season rolls around.

[nine] Speaking of twinkling lights, check out this house! We rode around Christmas Eve night for a final Cocoa Jammie Christmas. And this home was decked out to the max. And yes, some of the lights were set to music. . While I would be the last person to decorate like this, I totally appreciate it, especially their Happy Birthday sign for Jesus.

[ten] Christmas morning will always be magical. And just like last year, husband and I are so glad to be spending all the holidays together. Married life really does rock :)

Can't believe I'll be sharing my next set of Friday Favorites next year!! Enjoy your weekend and may the holiday cheer be ever present!!

AND, if you had a real Christmas tree this year, be sure to check out this DIY before taking your tree out!!

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