Friday Favorites Christmas Cabin Style

December 5, 2014

And so Friday has arrived once again! Isn't it the best day of the week? This time around our Friday is part of an extended weekend as we spend time at the Christmas Cabin for our annual Hill family celebration. We headed out of town early yesterday afternoon and I have been snuggled in a house with family on the lake since. And that leads me to my favorites from the past seven days...

[one] Matching flannel is never a bad thing...right?! Our trip up to the #ChrsitmasCabin was pretty fun, with the Christmas music playing, coffee in hand, and some alone time to chitchat with husband.

[two] My favorite part of the drive was passing the tractor trailor loaded with hundreds of Christmas trees!

[three] In all the preparation for the #ChristmasCabin I didn't have time to make homemade muddy buddies for munching. Then I found them at our local Kroger, say what?! So of course I bought them and brought them along. Although not exactly like the homemade version, they are pretty darn close and acceptable in my book. 

[four] We brought our latte maker our of hiding when Thanksgiving came around and I've been obsessed with it ever since. It's like I forgot just how good it was. Needless to say it's still out and will be through Christmas. If you have a latte maker, we've found that the Starbucks Christmas blend coffee is the best to use for making lattes! Speaking of Thanksgiving, you should go watch the little Thanksgiving film I made!

[five] I wrapped Christmas cards up this weekend and prepped to have them printed. I loved designing cards this season and am considering making them year round for every occasion! 

[six] The Christmas Cheer Exchange is in full swing and boxes full of holiday goodies are floating around in the mail as we speak. I packed mine up Sunday and sent it out in the mail to my blogger Monday morning! We'll all be linking up to share what our boxes held next week on the 10th, so if you're curious be sure to swing by! 

[seven] Speaking of mail and Christmas cards, I sent these two batches out to their recipients on Wednesday. I absolutely loved how they turned out! 

[eight] Our Christmas decorations have been out since mid-November and I have loved enjoying them for almost a solid month now. I share them all in a post on Tuesday.

[nine] Christmas lights in the night are my absolute favorite. What's not to admire about twinkling lights??
[ten] In honor of the shopping season and gift-giving, I made Gift Guides for Him and for Her. This is the Gift Guide For Her....
[eleven] And this is the Gift Guide For Him. Because shopping for your man is harder than it seems ;)

[twelve] Coffee dates in the middle of the day with husband are the best. We love dating each other.

I'm off to enjoy the Christmas Cabin with my fam, but I hope you have an excellent Friday and weekend! xoxo

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