Thankful Thursday, Pt 2

November 13, 2014

It's another round of Thankful Thursday and I'm looking forward to sharing more of what I'm thankful for! If you'd like to join me, I'd love that! Share what you're thankful for each Thursday of this month whether it's leaving it in the comments section below, writing your own blog post, or instagramming/tweeting about it using the hashtag #thankfulgratefulme. I'd love to see all the thanksgiving going on in your life now!

*Photo not my own
Thankful talents. I believe each of us has our own unique talents and I feel that I am starting to really grow into mine. I love DIY, crafting, anything creative really when it comes to my home décor, paper products, my blog, and interior design. I'm so grateful that I have found my strengths in activities that I truly love, turning them into hobbies and passions.

Thankful for...the opportunity to freely express my love for the Lord through my baptism this weekend. This is a milestone in my walk with my Savior. And while I'm nervous to share my testimony in front of so many people, I am also so grateful that I can.

Thankful for...nail polish. I love myself some fun nail polish colors. Because aren't our nails accessories too?! I love swapping out festive, seasonal colors. I'm always looking for a new one, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

Thankful for...milkshakes. This, along with mashed potatoes, are my go-to comfort foods. Typically a milkshake will trump, and if that's the case then I'm headed to Cold Stone for a Cake Batter Shake. And I don't hold back as I pick the Love It size, because yes, I feel like I need that extra amount of comfort. No shame here. Even when I am not needing a comfort shake, I just love the occasional sweet treat and I'm so grateful someone figured out the milkshake.

Thankful House Group. It has been the biggest blessing to share life with our church house group. I love that we get the chance to meet up weekly, sharing life and our faith. We have made some of the most genuine friendships within our group as we talk about the details of life, how we are challenged by it and also rewarded. When you can freely open up with a community of fellow believers, it's crazy how much you feel blessed by them!

Thankful for...the changes of seasons. While fall is hands down my favorite season of all, I love that I live in a place that gets to experience all four seasons. Just as I start to tire of one season (not fall, of course) I get to switch to the next season as the Earth keeps on changing. I think that it's the neatest thing that our planet can renew itself each year with each passing season!

Last week's Thankful Thursday is HERE and I'll be back next week with more of the things that I am grateful for! There are two more Thursdays this month for sharing your thanksfuls, so join me and post yours!!


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