Changing A Life Will Change Yours

October 2, 2014

This past weekend started out like any other. Saturday was full of family and friends, and Sunday involved church, a nap, and a little house clean-up. If you had told me earlier that week that husband and I would make a life-changing decision on Sunday, I wouldn't have believed you. 


Before you continue reading, you must know that this post is not sponsored. This post is written to share a cause that so deeply touched my heart and moved me, I couldn't help but share it. Not only share it, but become a part of it. Pete and I were enamored with this cause and I hope after reading this you might be too.


Church was structured a bit differently than normal this past Sunday. We had a visitor, Shaun Groves, who was there for a concert later in the evening, and because of that he so graciously agreed to sing one of his songs as part of  our morning worship. There's one other thing you need to know about Shaun besides him being a Christian singer/songwriter; he's also an advocate for Compassion. And his purpose for being with us was to tell all about it. 

If you're like me, you've heard of Compassion, but barely. You know they sponsor children, and that's about it. But, why sponsor a child? What is Compassion and what is their purpose? Honestly, until Sunday I had never taken the time to research their cause and dig deeper. It wasn't on my radar. My life felt too busy and full enough to add another thing to my plate. Besides if you ignore something, it's not there...right??

Then Sunday happened. My eyes were opened to the physical and spiritual struggles of a third-world country. Of the lifestyle of those individuals who call that country their home. And most importantly, I was introduced to the life-changing work Compassion does as a Christian child advocacy ministry. Shaun shared their mission to bring children out of spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty, enabling  them to become responsible, fulfilled, Christian adults. 

As photos flashed across the front wall, my heart ached for these children, for their circumstances, and for their unmet basic needs. I couldn't fathom their day-to-day life and the tremendous impact it was creating for a burdensome future. Shaun told us about sponsoring these children, some of whom have been waiting for months and even years to be sponsored. His words replayed over and over in my head, making it hard to concentrate on anything else happening.  I'm not even sure I remember the sermon (sorry Sandy).

It didn't take me long to fully trust that Compassion does exactly what it says it's going to do. The duping factor doesn't exist and sponsoring a child doesn't just change a life, but saves a life. A $38 monthly contribution goes directly to a sponsored child, providing food, education materials, healthcare, and a Bible. That money that I could easily waste every month gives a child the means to live, to stay with their family, to thrive. 

Husband and I sponsored a child before leaving church that day. We both were pulled to a little girl from Uganda, Nancy. Nancy had been waiting for six months for a sponsor and I can't wait for her to get the news that God led us straight to her. Her life is going to change completely, which means her future will open to endless possibilities. It gives me chills thinking about the necessities that can be provided for her from our easily wasted $38 monthly contribution. I can gladly deal with less trips to Starbucks as my sacrifice to her greater need. Halfway across the world, God's plans are playing out for His glory and it's beautiful!

That evening, Shaun's concert was a reflection of his work within Compassion and of his great faith in the Lord. It was reassurance that our sponsorship was going to do big things for a little girl. Sixty-three children were sponsored through our church alone on Sunday. Can you imagine those children's faces when they learn of their sponsorship, of the food that will be placed on their table, the school books they will be able to learn from, the families they won't have to leave? Can you imagine Nancy?

I have one request from you. Would you pray for Nancy, her life, her physical and spiritual growth? Would you pray for Pete and I, that we are consistent with sponsoring, that we write letters at least once a month to send her way, that in the busyness of our privileged life we don't forget about the role we play in Nancy's life? We couldn't be more joyful to get to know this sweet girl, to watch her grow and prosper. Mostly, we couldn't be more thankful for the Holy Spirit who softened our hearts and opened our ears to be a part of this incredible organization. 

Sponsoring a child doesn't just change their life, it makes an enormous impact on yours. How fortunate are we to be involved in such a noble cause?!

For another incredible video, watch this. You can see Shaun Groves sitting behind the young man, as he tapes a message to his sponsor. Talk about an ever-lasting impact.