Happy Birthday Husband!!

September 25, 2014

On special days like today, I'm glad that I have this space to shout to the world how much my husband means to me and just how much he deserves to be celebrated. But, you're going to have bear with me because it's also going to get really cheesy over here. What's wrong with cheesy, though, right?!

Husband is all kinds of wonderful, straight to his core. He is an amazing man of God with a heart of gold. Really, it's gold. He challenges me daily to be my best person, gives me new perspective, and brightens my entire life. I'm so glad to have a day to celebrate this amazing man of mine, to rejoice in the day he made his first appearance. And have you seen him as small tot? Well, I hope our babes look just like him! 

I'm telling you, twenty-four has never looked quite so handsome. It suits you well sir! And for the next four months I'm glad to be back at the same age with you. I so hope you have a fantastic day, and I'm looking forward to a day full of festivities in honor of the best man I know. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, love!! I love you times infinity :) 

And to see this guy's annual birthday cake, head over to Flour Darling; we've been enjoying it all week long. Because every birthday should be celebrated all week long :)