Apple Picking

September 17, 2014

So if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that husband and I headed to Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville on Saturday. We decided to start a new fall tradition, apple picking. I am most excited for this tradition when we have babes to bring along! Oh, the sweetness!

But, back to Saturday. We had such a fun time on our mini adventure, starting the morning off right with a stop at Starbucks for breakfast. Of course, I had to go with a caramel apple spice; it was the obvious choice. And instead of my normal grande, I went venti. Yes, I did.  It set the mood just perfectly and warmed my bones for the chilly air.

^^Husband and I decided that one day when we are living in our dream home, we want an orchard in our backyard. Just a handful of fruit trees. I think it would be the best thing ever. And he agrees. So we made a plan and we're sticking to it. ^^

^^Apples have to be one of the most beautiful things, with their vibrant colors and striking patterns.  I would keep them in my home just for decoration if they wouldn't spoil. ^^

^^ On this particular trip, we picked golden delicious apples. And were they ever so tasty! These are the freshest apples I have ever had. Now, I'd say I'm spoiled. See, this is why we need a miniature orchard in our backyard one day. You're just not the same after plucking an apple straight from the tree and enjoying its crispness. ^^

^^ These purple flowers grow on the apple trees. I would have never guess such a thing, but sure enough they do. It was a pop of color amongst all the greens of the trees and apples. ^^

^^ I almost opted to wear my moccasins into the orchard, and boy am I glad that I didn't. It was so wet and muddy and it would have ruined them. Rainboots are always necessary for adventures like this. Always. ^^

^^ The view from the top of the mountain was beautiful! You could see a bit of Charlottesville below. And the fog really added to the cozy, fall feeling. I'm the kind of person that loves the fog, well unless I have to drive in it. But, on this particular day it was great! ^^

^^ I could buy gallons of apple cider. Seriously. I love this stuff and you can only get it this time of the year. I need to figure out how to make my own. Which now gives me an idea for what to do with all these apples! ^^

^^ We ended up with 51 apples. Our bags didn't seem that full, but ya'll that's a lot of apples. Now they're all piled high in two wooden bowls on my countertop. I think they're beautiful sitting there, and if they wouldn't go bad I would leave them there. The green is really nice in my kitchen. Alas, I'm using every last apple for a dessert, drink, or some type of meal. My first recipe with these hand-picked apples was an apple crisp crumble. And oh my word is it amazing! You can get the recipe on my food blog, Flour Darling. Don't take chances and not make this! It's too good to pass up! ^^

Our quick Saturday trip was wonderful. We are definitely going back, if not within this year, then next. It was the perfect day trip to make a very fall-like day feel like perfection. I can't wait to share this new Hill tradition with little Hills. And until then, I can't wait for another apple picking adventure! If you have any apple recipes, please share! I've got a lot of apples to use up!