TGIF + Friday Favorites

August 15, 2014

I never get tired of seeing a Friday! Truly, it's probably my favorite day of the week, or at a close second to Saturdays. This Friday is leading up to my last day of work for a week as husband and I prepare to go on a family vacation to the lake. I'm looking forward to downtime, a tan (because this girl is in need!), and floating on the water.

This week has been full and fast! I'm glad to be looking back on it instead of only in the middle of it! Join in and blog your favorites this Friday with me, Andrea, Erika, Narci, and a whole host of other bloggers!

[one] I'll never get tired of shouting my love for fall. Yet, I know you might, especially if you love summer and these cooler temperatures have been killing your vibe. But, I can't help to share that the leaves are being tricked into turning lovely shades of red quite early this year. I'm not complaining, no, I'm rejoicing in the color-kissed treetops. (p.s. the temperatures are still in the low to mid 70's here. Can you say heaven??)

[two] Chatbooks. I don't know how I haven't heard of these already, but I did today thanks to Andrea! I've already downloaded the app (only available to iPhone currently), and I'm in the process of making myself some books! Not to mention they are SO affordable at only $6, which includes shipping (whoa!). Yay, for a fantastic deal and idea!

[three] Zip lining/a treetop adventure course. I had so much making way through the trees last Friday with husband and my mom, even with the dense fog and rain!

[four] Sometimes it's the simple things like being able to pull out onto the main road from my house without waiting for streaming lines of cars to pass in both directions. This A.M. was one of those "no waits" and it made my morning.

[five] I love nothing more than opening my mailbox to find one of my magazine subscriptions neatly rolled inside. Not to mention, I love some new recipes and food ideas!

[sixEquate's Anti Puffiness and Dark Circle Eye Roll-On has worked miracles. Recently, the dark circles under my eyes have gotten really bad. So bad in fact that even husband noticed and that's saying something. I read and found that Garnier's Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller was the ticket, so I went in search of it. To my despair, they only had eye-rollers available with tinted foundation in them. And that's not what I wanted. So I took a leap and settled on the Equate brand, hoping it was going to work. I've used it twice and my dark circles are already fading, plus I paid less for it than its counterpart. See ya never dark circles!

[seven] A giant package arrived at my doorstep this week and there was nothing but fall décor inside of its cardboard walls. Okay, wait one package that hasn't arrived does have Christmas décor, but I can explain! Ballard Home Designs as the best holiday decorations, but usually I'm not willing to pay their original price for it. I decided to take a peak at their sale items and to my great joy they had fall decorations that I had ogled about last year, plus some Christmas garland that was so inexpensive it would have been dumb for me not to get. The best part is that these are timeless pieces that I'm still loving even a year later. Plus, they'll last in my home for years and years to come. So I took advantage of the price cut and placed an order. I was swooning when I opened up my fall lovelies. You're just going to have to wait for a house tour of my fall décor to figure out what I got. After all, September 1st isn't that far away!

[eight] I mentioned it last week, but fried green tomatoes are still high up on my summer favorites. So are Saturday mornings with lemon poppy seed pancakes!

[nine] Holding an itty bitty newborn babe. You know baby fever is a real deal in the Hill household (yes, even husband gets it occasionally). I could love on littles and never get tired of it. Well, one of my good friends from high school welcomed a sweet girl into the world and we went for a visit. Baby girl was so tiny and cute. I could die looking at this photo of husband holding her.

[ten] I'm a doting wife, and I love the confessions husband has been sharing on the blog every Tuesday. I love his insight into what life is like as a newly married man. I'm a lucky gal!

To see my past Friday favorites check here! I hope you're having a fabulous day, the faux fall air is swirling around you, and the sun is shining.