Hello August! [& Some Of My Week's Favorites]

August 1, 2014

Can anyone tell me where the first half of 2014 went??? But, really. How in the world is time going by like this? I guess it's not for me to understand nor figure out how to slow it down. So, welcome, August! Please keep your temperatures cool and your days long.

I'm taking this Friday to once again reflect on my favorites from the week. I have found that I truly enjoy glancing back from Friday to Friday to reminisce on my favorites, especially if my week has been a not-so-good-one because it makes me dig deep to discover the joy in it. I feel inspired after making this list, and also extremely blessed. Because sometimes in life's it's the little things and being able to recognize them.

[one] After telling myself all week I would be painting my fingernails and toenails, they are finally a bright, cherry red. I feel like that's one color you just can't go wrong with no matter what the time of year.

[two] I found time to make some of my DIY fall home décor, wreaths. And I am in love. (see a sneak peak below)

[three] In fact, I love these wreaths so much, I decided to start offering them in the Hill Collection Etsy Shop. Because everybody needs cozy autumn décor.  

[four] Today, being the first day of August and also the start to the first weekend in August, brings the burg's annual street festival, Steppin' Out, to town! Yay for amazing foods and handcrafted jewelry!

[five] Husband agreed to make me a console table and two end tables (to my specifications) for our living/family room. I sure do love my sweet carpenter, I mean engineer.

[six] I have discovered apple cider packets; all you have to do is heat some water and mix with the packet's contents in your favorite mug. It's been the best nighttime treat with these chilly temperatures.

[seven] Our office furniture finally arrived on Monday! More on that later.

[eight] My face is feeling softer than silk these days thanks to my new beauty/skin routine. I'd say this new regimen was just a bit overdue, but better now than never. 

[nine] I got to experience my first drive-in movie theater; it was the best and I'm ready to go back! Who cares that it was a work night and we stayed out too late!

[ten] Our house got the complete scrub down last Saturday, as in shampooed carpets, dusting, etc. I love a fresh and clean home. Not much tops it. All the work is worth it. Every. Single. Time.

[eleven] That recliner my parents gave to husband and I, it finally has a slipcover and I adore it. What a difference a little sprucing can do to a not so attractive piece of furniture.

[twelve] This song is on repeat in my head and makes me want to dance all day long. Can you blame me??

It's always fun linking up with Andrea! Thanks, gal! For last week's favorites, see here! Have an incredible weekend, friends!!