Happy Heart! [by Rachel]

August 20, 2014

Today Rachel from Floral & Fudge is sharing a list of things that her heart delights in. They'll make you savor the sweet moments of life that are nothing short of joy filled! 

 photo image_zpsad1d0193.jpg
happy heart delights...
  • my baby's sweet giggle when his cheeks meet my lips
  • dozens of sunflowers, cucumbers, and tiny green beans almost ready for harvest
  • husband's car pulling in the driveway at the end of a long day 
  • a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream with semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • the warm sunshine after days of rain
  • my son playing trains for hours with no interruption
  • the smell of warm oatmeal bread fresh out of the oven
  • a Bible verse or praise song that feels like it was written for me, in that moment :)