Friday Favorites

August 29, 2014

Oh sweet friends, it is just about the weekend and it's a full three days long! Talk about excitement! Husband and I have projects planned, desserts to bake, crock pot meals to stew, and Hokie football to watch. It's going to be SO good.

This week has been a week and it has been long. There has still been joy and loveliness in it too. Per usual I am linking up with Momfessionals and other terrific bloggers to share my favorites from the week with you.

[one] Pumpkins have started showing up around town. After spotting them last Saturday I held off on any purchases. But, Tuesday night at the grocery store husband caved and even offered for us to go ahead and get some. He knows my heart's joys. Let the pumpkin fix begin!

[two] I figured out how to make the Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice at home! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

[three] Husband started grad school on Monday and he let me take a ridiculously fun picture of him, which is typical of small children on their first days of school. I love that my husband goes along with my silly ideas.

[four] Nearing the end of a certain little project I've been working on. I'll be debuting it in just a couple of weeks!

[five] This husband of mine blew me away with his Confessions of a Newly Married Man. My very favorites were from his last post of the series on Tuesday. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found him so early in life and to call him mine.

[six] Husband and I have prayerfully accepted a volunteer position with our church to work with children in between their Sunday school classes. It's going to be a lot of fun planning out the activities and being a part of these kids' lives!

[seven] My homemade, DIY, fall wreath now adorns my front door. I'm quite smitten.

[eight] I got all my laundry done before the weekend. You know you're an adult when...

[nine] I have discovered a new wardrobe favorite: a black striped dress, army green jacket, and gold jewelry. Yes I will be wearing this outfit long into the fall months! (And check out those pumpkins of mine!)

[ten] My house is decked out in fall attire. Yep, I didn't wait until my September 1st marker, but I just couldn't wait! And I'm glad I didn't! I'll be sharing our décor on Monday!

Check out this summer's past faves! Have an awesome Labor Day weekend, full of good people, great food, and safe travels! Be sure to pop in next week for a GIVEAWAY!! Happy Friday!!!

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