Friday Favorites from the Lake

August 22, 2014

This week has been spent vacationing at the lake, and like all vacations it has flown by and there are only a little over 24 hours left. Where does time go, really? And how do I get it back?? But, thanks to the time we've had, there have been some great moments that amount to favorites from this week! And because it's Friday, I'm sharing them...

 photo image_zps1cf99d1f.jpg [one] Fall is really starting to show her colors. Literally. The trees at the lake are sporting some beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows. The reds with just a hint of the once-green are my favorites!

[two] The leaves floating down with the breeze. There's nothing I love more than a swirl of cascading leaves, unless I"m standing in the middle of those falling leaves. It makes me fall in love with autumn all over again (see what I did there?).

 photo image_zps8edcdb73.jpg [three] The local Starbucks is undergoing renovations and they're bringing in a drive-thru!!!  You have no idea how much joy this brings me!!

[four] Big projects in the works. I've got something new brewing and I can't wait to share it with you! For a hint, read this post and try to discover what it might be...

 photo image_zpsdf28b34d.jpg [five] Fishing from the dock. I haven't fished in years, maybe even a decade. So two things we brought along on this lake vacation were fishing poles. Husband and I have had the best time catching little sunfish in the early morning and late evening hours.

[six] A hot cup of coffee in the morning. I've recently discovered a new favorite at Starbucks thanks to the suggestion of a barista. I loved me a dark caramel latte, but it recently was discontinued. Then I was told that ordering a caramel latte with half caramel and half white mocha is super similar. It's ahhh--mazing!

 photo image_zps8b78ef6b.jpg [seven] Sitting on a very empty lake 'beach' and soaking in the late summer sun. My skin has not only happily taken in the vitamin D, but has beautifully tanned. Hallelujah for late summer tans that last into the start of fall!

[eight] Crafting fall wreaths to adorn the doors of my home. If only every door in my house could use a wreath! I just can't seem to stop making them and coming up with a million new designs. I've made three this week alone. You can see two of the collection of five here!

[nine] The appearance of fall clothing lines. Let's just say that I need to get to LOFT as soon as humanly possible!

I hope you have had an incredible week full of favorites! And here's to the weekend! Join us next Friday with your list of Friday Favorites!