Confessions Of A Newly Married Man, Pt. 4

August 26, 2014

Well this is it, the fourth and last installment of my confessions as a newly married man. I can't believe it has been a month already! If in reading these you were able to crack one smile or find one thing you identified with I count this series as a success. Thanks for tuning in and listening to my ramblings as I confess...

I had no idea a house needed so many candles. There are candles for every season, for every dessert and spice, even for weather conditions. There are candles called "Sweater Weather", "Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut", and "Leaves." Seriously, leaves? What kind of candle is that? While I admit our house does smell quite nice all the time, I believe that just gathering leaves from our yard, sticking them in a jar and setting it in a room would be a lot more budget friendly. Speaking of budgets...

We have a Starbucks budget. And a decorating budget. And we don't stick to them very well. 

Marriage takes quality time together to be successful. We wake up beside each other, come home from work at the same time, cook and eat dinner together, do house chores together, watch TV and craft together, and lastly go to sleep beside each other. Our weekends are spent more or less the same, side by side, whether we are going out or staying in. We definitely have plenty of time together. But in our day-to-day there also has to be quality time with each other. Time for a walk to talk about our day, struggles, and dreams. Time for pure one-on-one time with no distractions, making one another the sole focus of our attentions. I have found that no matter how much we are with each other, if there is no priority placed on quality time then we are left feeling like we haven't had enough time together. Ironic, isn't it?

There is no longer just me, only us. Asking Astleigh to marry me was the easiest hard decision. Easy because I was and still am ridiculously attracted and in love with everything about this woman. Hard because I knew that in becoming one flesh with my wife my singular identity would no longer exist. As an innately selfish human that's hard, sacrifice is hard. Marriage takes sacrifice, but it's well worth it. And you know what? I have never regretted it.

My most fundamental confession is that my marriage would not be possible without Jesus. In our married moments of good and bad, I can truly say every day that I trust Jesus with our relationship I love this woman even more. The life of every married man should start at the cross, as a broken sinner. Once that is understood, you can accept his redemption, love, and hope. If I am filled with the things of myself I have no room for these, but when I humble myself and accept his grace then I can show Astleigh unconditional love, complete forgiveness, and true sacrifice.

I have truly enjoyed sharing all of these confessions with you! Who knows, maybe I'll be back to share more as we continue to grow in our marriage and navigate this life together. Thanks for reading, have a great week!