Confessions Of A Newly Married Man, Pt. 1

August 5, 2014

Happy 10 months to my best friend! How have we made it to double digits of married months already?! Time flies when you're having fun, isn't that what they say?? Marriage has been incredible, hard, full of challenges and joys. It has been something that I have learned so much from daily and continue to grow in as a wife and partner to my amazing husband. I wouldn't trade the last 10 months for anything in the world and I'm excited for all the ones to come. 

Today, I'm pretty thrilled to bring husband on the blog. Really, it's about time he took over some posting! And he's not just posting today, but every Tuesday during August. What's he posting about....husband will be sharing his confessions as a newly married man (should I be nervous?). I thought it would be a neat perspective to have Pete's point of view on the things learned and gone through during the first year of marriage. And that's just what this stud of mine is going to do. I'm curious what he'll be sharing (he's keeping all confessions secret until the posting day)! And I've got a whole month of waiting to know all of them (three more posts to go). I also wonder how much similarity there will be amongst all newly married men...

Hi I'm Pete, or better known by you as husband., yeah, that is me.  Honestly, I never thought that would be me, or at least not until I really "grew up."  But then I met the woman of my dreams, fell in love, and 3 years later, well, here we are.  To say I have learned a lot about marriage and being a husband is a complete understatement, as I think I took to it as well as a sea turtle does to flying or Napoleon Dynamite to dancing.  Luckily my girl has a lot of patience and love, or willpower, or maybe even just courage to be going through this journey with me and dedicating her life to me as I did mine to her.  So without further ado, her are some confessions of mine from the last ten months of marriage...

I 100% love my wife.  Duh.  I know that shouldn't really be a confession if you're talking about the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with, but I find myself falling in love with this wonderful woman more every day.   

I really don't like the Real Housewives of anything. Okay, so Astleigh will watch a show while I am working on my computer or playing a game, and I end up watching it with her; so what?  I can definitely say it is super addicting, and the worst part is that I find myself commenting on all the drama happening, as if there's some point to all the housewives' bickering.  Husbands, guard yourself.  If you end up like me, you may find your wife saying, "What should we watch?" when you sit down in the family room. Never reply, "Ummm, I don't know, you can just watch one of your shows."  Those are dangerous words my friend.

Never stop dating. I think this is something that I have started to realize more recently. Going on dates was a big deal when we were dating, and now that we are married I tend to forget how special and important those once were.  If you aren't careful dates with your wife just become, well, boring or nonexistent. That's if you don't put effort into it and are not proactively involved in putting together an evening. So plan dates, little and big, and surprise her whenever you can. Because you can never make her feel too special or too wanted. Make your dating life a priority, let her know she's your priority.

Patience, young padawan, it's necessary.  Yup, I brought it up, the P-word.  Easily one of the things I struggle with the most.  I mean, you spend every day with this person. Doesn't she know a man can't take being asked the same question twice because she was scrolling through her Instagram feed instead of listening to your answer? Or what about being asked why you're "acting weird" when really it's because you were thinking about something totally random and weren't paying attention? What about being asked by a certain someone to have her back scratched because she's having trouble falling asleep (I mean c'mon, can't she see that I'm busy playing Angry Birds?).  All I can really say is that, as silly as the question may be or the amount of them she asks, or how silly her wants may seem to me, none of it can ever be as silly as overreacting to the situation and getting mad. Patience. Learn it and love her through it.

My how my wardrobe has changed.  Yes, I was one of those guys who prided himself in a hole-ridden and armpit stained shirt and shoes that were so worn out that they looked like they might fall off my feet at any moment. But that was before.  Now, after multiple birthdays, Christmases, and "Oh, they're having a sale at this place and I have a coupon so we have to take advantage of this deal!" shopping trips together, my clothes take up roughly a third of our walk-in closet (that's saying something) and I have triple the pairs of shoes as I used to. There are still days that as I am walking out of the closet fully dressed my bleary-eyed, love of my life looks at me from bed and says, "You're wearing that to work?"  And what do I say? Nothing. I go back in the closet and change. Because I trust her judgment and confess that I actually like and feel more like a man in the things she recommends and picks for me.  I'm still getting used to the green shorts though.

Here's to part one of my confessions. See you next Tuesday for more!