Workouts, Chocolate Milk & Glasses

July 22, 2014

Today marked our 9th completed day of P90X and I feel like a champ! While I'm wishing my muscles were toned and my stomach and legs were tight already, I keep reminding myself that good things come to those who wait... and wait and wait. However, I am really excited for mid October (not just for fall), but to be in better shape all around. 

Enter chocolate milk. As the recovery drink post workout, it's sometimes the only thing that gets me through the last 20 minutes of the exercise. I just think, "chocolate milk!" Silly, I know, but when you don't regularly drink chocolatey goodness and you now have a legitimate reason to, then it's awesome. And yes, it motivates you to finish the workout strong. So I do.  

These days I've also been going back and forth about a very important decision. Glasses. I am a contact wearer through and through, only wearing glasses on lazy, rainy weekends or right before bed. I don't really wear them any other time, but I'm ready to change that and my current glasses. So I'm stepping out and trying to go a bit bolder with my 'look'. Thanks to Warby Parker and their 5-day trial, I get to sport some pretty cool glasses and decide from there what works best for me. The only problem, I can't decide. I know it's not a huge decision by any means, but aesthetically speaking it sure feels like it. Do you have any suggestions from the ones above on what I should go with?? I need advice!