The Great Hair Dilemma

July 29, 2014

I know I'm not the first, last, nor only gal in the world who has felt tremendous indecision when it comes to hair. It's an important accessory and you can't go messing those locks up. It's not like hair grows at a rapid rate or you can hit the "undo" button. As soon as those scissors close on your hair, there's no turning back. While exciting, it's also kind of terrifying. You're trusting and hoping that whomever is in control of the cutting shears is on their game that day, with full focus on what they're doing and not what they're talking to you about. Am I right, or am I right?

So here I am, ready to make a change of sorts, but full of doubt about exactly what to do. I'm not interested in taking the easy route and just leaving my hair as is, but I'm also not ready to make a firm decision. Let me explain....

A few years back, I got tired of my long growing hair and whacked it off to my shoulders, thinking the new shorter look would freshen things up. I was right for a few weeks, but then I started to regret my decision and kept wishing I had left my hair to grow longer. 

Fast forward three years (to the left) and I have accomplished my goal of growing my hair out long (at least I would call it that). It took two years to get my hair past that awkward, hanging-out-right-under-my-shoulders length. So I celebrated and jumped out of my comfort zone dying my hair, well having an ombré affect applied to it. I loved it! That was June 2013, and it lasted through November when I had my hairstylist dye it back to one solid color, a darker brown than my natural locks. 

Eventually my hair got past my chest. In March of this year, I opted for another round of ombré coloring, this time going blonder on the ends. I haven't loved it like I did the first time. I'm just not a blonde kind of gal, and although there have been moments when I thought it was working, like with my hair curled, my straight hair just can't handle that yellow brightness (that is starting to look a bit orange). In all this time my stick-straight hair kept growing and began to appear a bit frazzled.

So I took a leap....and cut a whole inch off of the ends. But, I'm not feeling satisfied and my long hair (closer to the bottom) looks quite thin to me. I know come September or late August I will be back in the salon to try out another round of ombré coloring this time with a darker brown and chestnut theme (see right). (I'm thinking it will be my favorite.) 

Now back to the dilemma. How short do I cut my hair this time?? Do I keep it long and try it out with a darker coloring or do I go shorter by a few inches or more?? Will I regret going short after having only a year of long hair? Or will I love it and embrace it? The shortest I would consider is the length Carrie Underwood is sporting below (I'll take her tone legs too). 
Yes, I know hair will grow back, but mine does so at turtle speed. And if I go shorter at all, that means months of shorter hair. I know I'm not going above the the question is, do I go with this chestnut/dark brown ombré on shorter/mid-length hair or longer hair??

Rest assured, the one thing I know for certain is the color I'm going with. I'm not changing this decision up; in fact I can't wait to have it done! That's a start....right?

Oh, the indecision (if you know me, you know that this isn't the first thing I've ever been indecisive about). I need suggestions and thoughts! What would you do? What should I do??

p.s. this is very off topic and random, but can anyone point me in the direction of some really colorful and vibrant throw/accent pillows?? I'm looking, but not finding what I have in mind. And my office is in need!