OBX Camping Pt. 2

July 3, 2014

And so the second round of our time vacationing in the Outer Banks sand dunes continues, going up through our last day. Browsing through this collection of photos leaves me wishing I was lounging on a beautiful, empty beach with book in hand and morning sunshine warming my skin. Even though the camping part of our trip didn't turn out how we wistfully imagined, the beach and camping grounds at Frisco are quite stunning, especially in the evening light and I'm glad we had several days to soak it in. For me, that made it all worth it. Of course, some raft time bobbing on the ocean waves is pretty swell too (can't get that in the mountains of Virginia). 

^^Aren't these clouds interesting? A sheet of gray so close you would think you could touch it, and a horizon of far away fluffiness. Quite the contrast. Most days we were there, the clouds were doing their own thing. I'm thinking it was in part due to the stormy weather that would pop up on occasion.^^

^^Welcome to our camping abode. One thing about this tent that I love, is its size. My 6'2" husband can stand up inside and still not touch the top of the tent. Certainly not glamping, but definitely roomy, making days parked in the sand a little bit more enjoyable.^^ 

^^The walk to the beach is something else. Mostly I loved it when the sun was sinking low and casting a golden glow on the tall grass. You can hear the ocean washing up on the beach, but you can't see it. The clouds peak over the dunes, and the breeze is light. Evenings were the best time to cross this dock to the beach, daytime not so much when you've got all your beach gear in tow.^^

^^The ferry to Ocracoke was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I love being out on the water in a boat, and without a owning a boat, this was the best chance to experience it. Plus, it's free and who doesn't love 'affordable' adventure?! On our trip back to Hatteras, we had few other ferry goers, leaving wide open space and place on the top level for husband and I to sit out. The wind bustling past us was a welcome relief to the heat. It was also on that trip that we decided to pack up camp and make a quick change in plans. Because when you're not enjoying what you should be and you've given it your best, then why settle?^^

Isn't it a shame how fast vacations go? Regardless, I'm glad for the beach time we got and the second part of vacation adventure (coming soon!). Who knew switching things up last minute could be so exhilarating and fun?!