Happy Friday + A Few Favorites

July 18, 2014

Fridays are probably my favorite days, or at least a close second to Saturdays. And this Friday I'm thankful for the I-can-almost-touch-you-weekend.

I'm also sharing some of my favorites from this week along with A Little Bit of Everything, Grace & Love, and Momfessionals. Join the party too!

[one] this weather has been insanely wonderful. When do you ever get a high of only 72 degrees in the middle of July in Virginia?! Never, and I'm soaking it all up this week before the heat returns next week!

[two] I typically don't shop online because I never know what size to buy and I really dislike returning/shipping items back. But, I'm finding some incredible deals during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale and I kind of can't help myself. I mean really, have you seen these booties?? I need them.

[three] After our evening workout and dinner, husband and I will be putting together our DIY fall wreaths and hanging our new frames and prints. I love craft time and I love husband.

[four] I can't wait to get my toenails and fingernails painted this evening too (you know amongst all my other big plans). I love a fresh polished look and besides it's been too long. 

[five] I'm all about hazelnut coffee these days. The aroma it creates while brewing is heavenly. Paired with vanilla creamer, I've got dancing tasted buds this morning as I enjoy my cup of joe. 

[six] I am way too excited for autumn to get here (if you haven't already guessed). It doesn't help that it feels like fall outside.  And yesterday I discovered I am out of all my pumpkin scented candles (my favorites) and now I'm in great need to start stockpiling my collection back up. Although I'm holding off to light them until September 1st, I need to be prepared because I just never know when husband will agree to let me light them a little sooner. Yay for candle shopping!

[seven] I finally figured out where my emojis are on my phone (it's only taken me half a year), and I'm thoroughly enjoying using them in texts. Who knew little emoticons could be so much fun??

[eight] I have fallen in love with a new simple appetizer, mini corn cake fritters. So good and so simple. I made them last Saturday when my family came over for dinner. I want to make them this weekend too!

[nine] New office furniture is on the way to me! I can't wait to turn our very college-feeling office into an adult oasis for reading, studying, blogging, and Bible time! Beside, any opportunity to design a space and redecorate is straight up my ally; I can't get enough of it!

[ten] Our little Etsy Shop got its very first order this week and my heart could have burst with joy! It's the little things, truly.

I hope your week has been full of favorites and extraordinary things! I think we can all say we're happy for Friday to be here and for the weekend to be just hours away! Thanks to Erika, Andrea, and Narci for a fun link-up and an excuse to reflect and once again get all excited for the big and little things happening in my life right now! Happy Friday, friends!