Ballet At The Kennedy Center

July 8, 2014

Fun fact, I danced for ten years during my adolescence. At the age of 13, I gave it up to play sports full time in high school.. I think the decision to walk away from dancing would have been more difficult if I had danced competitively, but for me it was a hobby that took up my Saturday mornings. I loved it though, the lyrical flow of bodies as one, the beautiful names for each ballet movement. There is an art to dancing, to making yourself look graceful, as if each turn, leap, and chassé is effortless. I have often wondered what difference it would have made had I kept with it. I still remember the bar work and the resin I would grind into the scratched wood dance floors with my pointe shoes. 

So when husband and I decided to take D.C. on for the remainder of our vacation, we knew we wanted to catch a show of sorts. We ended up going to see a ballet performance, Chamber Dance Project: Contemporary Ballet with an Edge, at The Kennedy Center. It was stunning. Their ease on the stage was incredible, so much so that even husband was impressed. I've got the ballet bug and now I'm itching to see another ballet, but this time with a bit more footwork/less contemporary and in New York City. I've got my eyes set on the Nutcracker during the Christmas season. *hint, hint husband* Do you have any recommendations for a ballet that I should definitely see/look into? I would love to hear; I need some recommendations! 

Did I mention how beautiful The Kennedy Center is? If you've never visited, make sure to do so. You'll not only get to a see a great performance, but a lovely view!