OBX Camping Pt. 1

June 30, 2014

Two years ago husband (then just boyfriend) and I camped in the sand dunes at Frisco. It was quite an experience, but I kind of really loved it. So this spring when we were deciding on vacations, we opted to head back to the southern tip of the Outer Banks for a vacation back in time. One with no electricity, cold pull-string showers, and lots of sand. We were pumped...really, I promise. 

And then we got there. It was hot, rainy, and crowded. Of all things, I didn't expect the crowd, the huge trucks and SUVS that lined the beach as far as you could see during the daytime hours. It was such a disappointment when just two years earlier we practically had the beach to ourselves for two weeks.

Isn't it beautiful? Really, the beach is gorgeous; if only the beach-goers weren't in vehicles taking up the view and all the space. Sigh.

Husband and I made it from Saturday to Tuesday nestled in our tent in the dunes. We took in as much of the ocean as we could and darkened our barely there tans. Yet, because we weren't feeling nearly as relaxed as we thought we would, we made the split decision to veer the course of our vacation while ferrying back to Hatteras from Ocracoke. 

Just like that, we packed up camp, loaded it into the car and took off back to Virginia to regroup and prepare for our new plans...plans that were quite the opposite of our current vacay spot.

I'm always in awe of our bravery to change plans at the last second and to take charge of a situation that feels slightly out of control. I like that our hesitance is short lived and our determination to make things happen is alive and well in our marriage. It makes things exciting!

Stay tuned for the next set of OBX photos and the new vacation spot reveal!