Happy Heart! Kickoff

June 22, 2014

Last August I began to keep a list of things that made my heart happy; the kind of happy that feels like joy bubbling over. With every new season of life I find more things that give me that heart explosion. And I never get tired of finding new loves to delight in. While feeling exceptionally happy at the beach this week, I'm opening the blog up to other bloggers and a few friends who will be sharing the kinds of things that make their hearts smile.

happy heart delights....
  • big, bad thunderstorms with lightening so bright you would have thought night turned to day, & thunder so loud you jump in surprise/a little bit of fear
  • floral patterns on accent armchairs
  • a brand new journal with crisp, untouched paper
  • tan lines, especially the ones in between your fingers that you can only see when you spread your hands wide. 
  • a fresh made bed, with perfectly fluffed & placed decorative pillows
  • being a newlywed
  • peonies on my tabletop
  • early morning sunlight streaming through my open windows

If you ever feel like joining in and sharing your list of eight happy heart items, send an email to {hillcollectionblog@gmail.com}. Who knows, you might just be featured on Hill Collection for the next Happy Heart mini series!