Strawberry Fields

May 27, 2014

Saturday morning, with a latte in hand, husband and I along with the other Burg Hills headed to the strawberry fields near Smith Mountain Lake. The day was beautifully sunny with a slight breeze and morning temperatures in the 70's. Taking bites as we went along, the strawberries turned out to be the sweetest I've ever had. It's safe to assume that the bucket-worth we brought home that afternoon are only taking up one small tupperware now. Did I mention strawberries are husband's favorites?? 

^^There were rows and rows of strawberries at all stages in their growth. From tiny green strawberries to the white-almost-red, there were strawberries for days that should be around for the next round of happy pickers.^^ 

^^These two are peas in a pod. Seriously, they're just the best together! And husband is loving having such a goofy little guy to share all of his goofiness with!^^

^^Aren't they lovely?! Their brilliant red is inspiring some home décor ideas for me! We shall see where this beautiful color shows up!^^

^^Strawberry picking was the perfect way to kick off Memorial Day weekend! And I'm now looking for our next berry picking adventure; I've got blueberries on my mind and I'm in search of a field!^^