A Family Affair & A Wedding

May 19, 2014

Saturday was threatened with rain and thunderstorms, yet the rain stayed at bay and the sun managed to peak through the clouds. It was a small blessing among the bigger blessings of that day. While the air kept on the cooler side, the blazing bonfire kept us warm and the cornhole and dancing kept us moving. So we just kept on keepin' on in our jean jackets and cowboy boots, laughing and catching up. 

See, my cousin married her best friend this weekend amidst a barn themed background. And most of my extended family (a large one at that) made the trek to Charlotte to welcome in our newest family member and celebrate. Indeed a celebration and good time it was, and I would like to do it all again. Because, my favorite part of the entire weekend was having so much family in one place at one time, a rarity these days as we all run our busy lives elsewhere. Which got me thinking that we need more weddings! 

Congratulations to Margie and Randy on their sweet, happy day!