A Cupcake For Dessert

May 30, 2014

Is it just me or would everyone else agree that weekends always need to be three days long?! This week has flown by thanks to the extension of a typically two-day weekend and I'm digging it. Last week my handsome husband planned a surprise date for the two of us. He walked in the house after work with two (yes, two) big bouquets of flowers. Flowers he also stated that would match my patriotic theme for the weekend. He's catching on to design schemes and I like it, a lot. I'm one proud décor-smitten wife. And my flowers are still thriving and as beautiful as they were a week ago!

Husband then whisked me in the kitchen to make homemade ravioli and the meal that he made for me when we had just begun dating. He's a keeper I'm telling you. But, it just kept getting better from there. We rounded dinner up and headed out for a picnic on Tech's campus. We've already decided there will be lots of dinners and hangouts there over the coming months. It is a pretty darn perfect spot.

A walk downtown and a stop in Gobble Cakes later, we were sitting on the new promenade Blacksburg recently finished up, for our first time. After splitting the prettiest crème brulée cupcake, we drove around through some of favorite neighborhoods looking for houses that were for sale. House hunting and driving around looking for said houses has always been one of my very favorite things. So now that we're actually in the market for buying our own house, this gal is reveling in all the driving-around-while-looking-at-homes that has been going on recently. And husband has been so great to let me ooh and aww as he drives us around.

A movie and mimosas at home rounded out our date and I felt quite spoiled by the end of it all. To say the least, I have a pretty incredible husband and I find myself thankful for him every single day no matter the kind of day I've had. A date day a week, whether extravagant or simple, is the perfect way to put a pause on a busy life and reconnect as a couple. It's so refreshing to leave all the hustle and bustle behind and to enjoy the blessing that is our marriage. Our dates draw us closer to one another and strengthen our relationship, a relationship that we will always strive to intentionally glorify God through.

So married or just dating, take time to make your significant other feel like they're sitting on top of the world. Take time to cherish them and love them whole-heartedly. I promise you too will be astounded at the difference it can make in your relationship or marriage!

Have a happy Friday and weekend my friends! Here's to dates of all kinds, big and small!