Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

April 8, 2014

Friday was beautiful even with the threat of rain. Rain, I was praying would hold off so that we could meet up with friends and catch a Virginia Tech baseball game. Those prayers were heard and the rain steered clear, but the chilly temperatures and wind not so much. Nonetheless the evening was too much fun not to ignore the cool breezes that swept through the stadium. It even gave me a legitimate reason to order hot chocolate from the concession stand, and who turns down an opportunity like that. Oh and that salted pretzel, yum! What's not to love about food at baseball games?!

I've got to admit, every. single. time. that I see the Hokie bird I secretly wish for a photo op with him. I think everyone else must feel the same way. It's just Hokie pride, right??

VT had some pretty outstanding fielding. I still can't get over how a ball that has been hit toward the left outfield can still be caught and thrown back in to first before the runner can even make it to the base. Impressive, that's all I can say. And a lot of physics involved, which I'm not even going to bother with (I'll save that for my engineer of a husband!)

At the top of the 8th inning we decided we were far enough ahead, runs wise, that we could skip the remaining innings and get in out of the cold. False. Turns out Miami's team came back and won the game. Sounds quite epic, just not in our favor. At first, I was disappointed to hear we had missed such a game changer, but I'm thinking maybe it was a blessing after all that we didn't have to watch that kind of comeback.

Being settled back in the burgs has been the absolute best. And we've got plans for taking advantage of all that is offered throughout the summer around here. That means a lot more of America's favorite pastime in our near future!