Lilac Obsession

April 22, 2014

With spring in full swing, I have so loved filling my house with floral scents. The sweet pumpkin and balsam pine scents have been stored away till fall and winter come again (let's hope winter stays away for a good long while). I find that there is nothing sweeter than having your windows open with a slight breeze blowing through that wafts the smell of lilac around the room. It's one of my favorite parts of the warmer months, the open windows that is. And in figuring that the movement of air will help spread a delightful scent around, it makes all the sense in the world to light candles or other smell-good items in front of your open windows. I love the surprise burst of a strong fragrance. It's magic, I tell you. So, as an avid lover of lilac and other spring florals, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Because who doesn't want a home that smells of spring perfection?! Plus, I'm including on of my favorite spring accessories, nail polish, in an all-time favorite color of mine.

I can't get enough of Bath & Body Works fragrance oil in Lilac Blossom. I've never had anything that works quicker in getting a fresh scent throughout an entire room. It's simple, requires minimal upkeep, and works fantastically; not to mention, you can pick from a collection of their oil warmers for the perfect accessory to your home décor. Their wallflowers are amazing as well, and when I know I will have a house full of guests, it's my go-to. Simply plug it into the wall and within an hour the scent is wafting around like it's always been there. Just as with the oil warmer there is also an entire collection of plug-ins for the wallflowers and you can go as simple or spunky as you like. The best part is the price! With the amount of time these two products last, the cost is on point. If you're not a lilac fan, there is an entire assortment of other fragrances to pick from. And if you're like me, you will fall in love with several scents and put a different one in every other room.

One of my favorite candles, for two reasons, is the Tuscany Candle in lilac. The first reason, which leads to the second reason, is because it was a Valentine's gift from my husband when we were first dating. And I still have the exact same candle, burning it slowing because I don't want to use it all up. I remember the first time I lit it in my bedroom of the house I lived in senior year of college. Sitting it atop my desk in front of two open windows, was what made me fall in love with the smell of lilac. From then on I lit that candle at least everyday, if not twice a day in between classes and extracurriculars. I couldn't get enough then and I can't get enough now.

Nail polish. I love it, but only when my nails are long enough to cary it off well. Do you know what I mean? One of my top picks is OPI's "Do You Lilac It?". (Yes, I sure do!) It's a beautiful color on and complements any skin tone. I don't mind wearing it in the early days of spring when I'm still toting around a lack of tan. And I love it even more in the middle of summer after I've soaked in the sun and I'm a subtle bronze. You just can't go wrong with this shade of it's lilac, have I mentioned that??

In all this sharing, I hope you have some inspiration to turn your home into a floral paradise of scents.  I have used all of the above and can't recommend them enough. On a last thought, it's also fun to mix and match scents to create your own type of fragrance. A scent I like to combine with lilac is "Spring" (of course it is). What are some of you favorite smell combinations?