Spring Has Sprung Pt. 2

March 24, 2014

If you haven't guessed, I'm fairly smitten with home design. I truly enjoy taking a blank space and turning it something that reflects the Hills' style. It's a challenge I love working with until I get it to place that feels 'right'. As is with every season, I like to switch things up around the house to create a cozy space that emanates the time of year. Fall is my favorite to decorate for, but you can't count out spring, because it is a fresh and beautiful time of year that brings the Earth back to life. That means lots of colors, flowers (my fave), outdoor accents, and blossom-like scents!

I've found, throughout the years, how to really take my own stance on what does and doesn't work seasonally. This way of thinking keeps me from decorating in a cliché manner and to really push boundaries, finding new innovative and creative methods for subtly turning my space into something special. What I enjoy most, is taking an original piece (that I've found for little-to-no-money) and refurbishing/repurposing it. In particular for this new, outdoor-inspired season, husband and I will be taking a hand-me-down, plastic, outdoor table and giving it a new look with some navy spray paint. The chairs that were also handed down to us are white; so we will be looking for bold cushions to add to them after giving each chair a good cleaning and we'll be on the lookout for table lanterns to top the table with. Something so simple can be made so lovely with a little extra care and an eye for detail. 

So here are a few of my favorite pieces for this spring and I hope it inspires you in adorning your home with personal, seasonal touches! I truly hope you feel inspired to even take on a DIY project after seeing some of these beautiful spring touches! Leave me some comments with ways you like to use spring décor in your house and how to turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

nine. branson glass vases

ten. green pear vase filler
eleven. octavio green napkin
twelve. florita vases

thirteen. poppy scroll outdoor pillow
fourteen. pb found olive bucket
fifteen. greta medallion table runner

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