Contentment In The Present

March 18, 2014

It's days like today that I consider moving to a forever-sunshine state, where the weather isn't trying to decide which season to honor. Virginia has once again been showered with snow and sleet after a mostly-beautiful weekend in the high fifties. I think I speak for the general populace in saying that this winter weather has overstayed its welcome, especially with the spring-like temperatures teasing us. Nonetheless, I'm thankful for a weekend of incredible fun and bonding. No bad weather can put a damper on that. 

This weekend was a lot about family, relationships, the here, and the now...which was exactly what I needed. Lately, I've found how easy it is to get caught up in the future, of the things to come, the things you hope for, the way you'd like to see things play out, etc. It can be tiring and overwhelming to map out the next year, much less the next five years. Luckily, I have a husband that helps me keep my head on my shoulders and points me/us in the direction of God, whom I can rest in. But, let me tell you, until I keep that in the forefront of my thinking, I completely stress out and become anxious over the things I cannot control with precision. Type A personalities, do you hear me?

So, I've decided to try my best at enjoying my life in the moment. Job security: it will come when the time is right, husband's graduate school application acceptance: it will or will not come to fruition when the time is right, spring: it will come when God says so (are you sensing a theme?). I have been so deep in things of the future that I won't allow myself to be submerged in the happenings of my present. And what a toll that takes on a person.

I have been spiritually nudged, in a sense, to be happy and content with where I am right NOW. Because I'm really bad at looking ahead for what will satisfy me, I miss out on seeing the pleasures and joys in my present. I am challenging myself to rid of the false concept of satisfaction on this earth through earthly things, in part to relinquish my "pretend control" of what is to come. Oh, the happiness I can find in resting in my Savior's plan for me and simply enjoying what He has so graciously given me in this moment.

While it's not bad to dream of the future, make sure to take in every daily blessing and appreciate the hours you are living right now. Be assured you have certainty in Jesus and He will take care of the rest. Happy Tuesday, everyone!