Off To The Races Pt. 2

February 28, 2014

Now for the next round of photos, which were captured outdoors where all the Kentucky Derby fun takes place. If only we had had fancy hats on and a mint julep in hand, we could have pretended the real deal was going on. 

Want to guess how tall Pat Day is?? I'll give you a hint, he stood just under five feet. (4'11"). And this statue of him stands at an even five inch to grow on, right?!

Above and below are the stalls the jockeys and their horses line up in right before the race begins. Typically, about 12 horses are allowed to race, but in the Kentucky Derby 20 horses compete for the title. 

Around the premises there are signs with the winning horse of every Kentucky Derby. In the case of Secretariat and several other horses, their signs are designated with gold coloring and a crown meaning they are Triple Crown winners, having won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. This is a huge honor and is a rarity. The last triple crown winner was in 1978. Maybe this year, that streak will be broken!

Churchill Downs is known around the world for its twin spires, symbolizing "the greatest two minutes in sports" (see below too). They were constructed in 1895, making them 119 years old. 

This is where the jockey's ride the horses in as the band strikes up "My Old Kentucky Home", accompanied by the singing crowd. The walkway you see is made of from rubber tires to be a soft surface for the horses to walk on.

This is the winner's circle where the horse is adorned with the garland of red roses and the trophy is awarded.

This here is Millionaires Row, and an exclusive seat here is only offered by invitation and brings a whopping cost of $12,000 - $15,000. I think it's safe to say that I'll never sit there. However, the Queen of England did enjoy the Kentucky Derby from there in 2007.

Meet Puddin', the horse that lives on the grounds at Churchill Downs. He was quite the entertainer and loved having his picture taken. Such a ham. In the spring the other horse will return to the stables at Churchill Downs where they live until the winter months come around.

And Winston, we surely can't forget about this little guy who is 20 years old. Wouldn't have guessed that age, would you? If you ever get a chance to visit Louisville, Kentucky visit Churchill Downs. You won't regret it!