Fresh Squeezed OJ

February 4, 2014

As of late, husband and I have been on a clean eating kick. You can see that here & here. When handed down a simple orange/lemon juicer a few weeks back, we felt a little excited to try out some fresh orange juice. And when we did, we fell in love. Really, we've already gone through two 5 lb. bags of oranges and we still want more. There's nothing quite like the taste of fresh OJ when compared to what you can buy in a store. We're adding no preservatives, no sugar, no nothing. Simply enjoying the juicy goodness of the fruit. Now that I've been bitten by this juicing bug, I want to move on to bigger juicing endeavors. I'd start small with apples, but oh the possibilities! Plus, isn't the color of the juiced oranges, one of the best?!