Latte Love

January 6, 2014

It's no secret that I would go to Starbucks everyday, maybe even twice a day. So when a surprise wedding gift (a latte maker) showed up at our house a few weeks ago, you can only imagine my joy. However, I tried to reel my over-excitement back in, telling myself that getting a latte similar, much less close to, the Starbucks version is almost impossible. Yet, even trying to discourage myself didn't stiffle the hope I had for a delicious in-home latte. 

Let's just say I've had a latte a day since we received this most amazing gift. Husband thinks it has completely cured my need for Starbucks (he can only hope), but I am still using their coffee and now their syrup, so it's safe to say they will always have a special place in my heart. And in the past several weeks, I have found that with a homemade latte I can make while still in pajamas, I'm feeling satisfied to get my coffee fix at home, which is quite a huge step for me. Not to mention, it gives me the freedom to create an endless variety of latte combinations and discover some new favorites. If you're looking for a latte maker, I highly recommend this particular one from Mr. Coffee. 

^^Long live the latte foam mustache!^^