Christmas Past

December 6, 2013

I have recently been going through my mom's photo albums. Let me just say, those eleven books are treasures and hold some of the dearest moments. Because Christmas is now only 19 days away, I thought it would be fun to share some of my past Christmases. I love how 90's all the photos look and while admiring them, I find myself slightly wishing to be a child behold the innocence of Christmas and the budding excitement for Santa's upcoming visit. Christmas is different as an adult and this particular Christmas will be the most different than any before. Because I'm now married holidays are spent and shared in a whole new fashion. And while I'm excited to do Christmas the Hill way and begin the traditions that my children will come to love, I'm a tad sentimental about the change. But, I know that once husband and I begin our own family that childlike sparkle in Christmas will return as we look at it through our littles' eyes. I'm just thankful for the wonderful Christmas memories of my youth and all the new exciting memories to be made. 

For every holiday my mom made my sister and I themed sweatshirts...matching mind you. And I can remember the time she put into them as she would meticulously outline the ironed-on image with sparkling glitter fabric paint . I do believe I still have all of them, tucked in the back corner of my closet. Vintage holiday sweatshirts for my littles one day??....that may very well happen.

^^Look at the face on the far left. You know Santa brought something really good.^^

My favorite kind of Santa is the one with the authentic beard. None of that strap-on-chin-hair for me; the real deal or no deal. And check out the one above from the church's 'Breakfast with Santa' when I was seven. He passes the test.