Christmas Cabin

December 18, 2013

Thursday afternoon, husband and I packed up the car, stopped for coffee, and headed to Boone, North Carolina. Our destination was the Christmas cabin, or so I deemed it, for a weekend family retreat to celebrate the holidays. You must be wondering why we celebrated Christmas 11 days early...Well, as a large family with families within, making it all to the same place on Christmas day can be a bit challenging. In an effort to compromise, we all decided to have the Hill Christmas early in order to have every single family member present. Lo and behold, not only did we get "Christmas" with each other, but an entire stretch of weekend in one place, something that wouldn't have happened otherwise as everyone travels to get to other family and friends. With Thursday acting as our Christmas Eve, Friday was spent in Christmas cheer as we bustled around the kitchen making breakfast and a huge Christmas dinner, opening gifts, guessing our Secret Santas, and playing endless amounts of pool and ping pong. The weekend ended with a dusting of snow, kind of a perfect way to end it. Don't you think?

And after this photo of amazingly tasty cinnamon raisin bread on our first morning in the Christmas cabin, my camera battery died. And in my mind, I could see my battery charger plugged into the wall in my living room. Of course, that would be the one item I forgot for the weekend, especially when I had packed the spare battery that's also not charged. Luckily, there are several cameras within the Hill clan, and the rest of the weekend was captured. Below are a few of the photos my brother-in-law snapped the remainder of the weekend.

^^Getting creative with lights and different camera settings.^^

See more photos on my Instagram. Merry Christmas from all the Hills!