Pie Party!

November 27, 2013

Tomorrow is a day of thankfulness. And, as most of us believe, giving thanks shouldn't be limited to once a year. In fact, thanks should be given every day, even if it's for the smallest of things. I have been feeling quite thankful the last two months for the family and friends I have, for my growing relationship with my Lord, for my marriage to Pete, for living once again in 'our' burgs, for our new adventures, and so on. There have been so many incredibly big and incredibly small moments, blessings, happenings, etc. that I am truly thankful for; and I'm glad I have a day to reminisce in it all. 

One of my biggest joys this time of year is the festive spirit and the holiday season. It can't get much better than colorful leaves falling into heaps, the creeping up of Christmas music, the feasts of homemade foods, the dancing fire in the fireplace, the swirling snow, and the strong urge to celebrate it all with a party. If it were up to me, I'd have parties twice a month. Maybe for no reason at all, but just because. So with the holidays in full force, a party made all the sense in the world. And what is a common theme for Thanksgiving? Besides the turkey...PIES! So, the Hills had a pie party and it was a blast.

Charades (cough, the girls won), lots of laughs, three flavors of popcorn, and four pies makes for a good time, any time. Throw some friendly competition and hot chocolate into the mix and you've got yourself a roaring good time. With three pies to judge (we opted for our pie not to be eligible to win), we stuffed ourselves with the fluffy confections and crisp strudels of our competing desserts. Apple pie took the win and the bakers took home an assortment of chocolate truffles. Because who doesn't want more sweets on top of sweets.