Our Weekend

November 4, 2013

November is turing out to be a fabulous month so far. The weather is a perfect chilliness, which calls for hot apple cider, a fire in the fireplace, and cuddling under a million blankets. This weather is my all-time favorite, especially when it's spent with my guy. There are holiday movies on TV, which played all weekend long, and I may or may not have watched every movie yesterday after church with my husband. Then there are the colors. And although the leaves are almost completely gone, they are still sharing their brilliant colors by painting the landscapes. So even though the leaves are on their way out, the bareness gives way to all the pine trees coating the mountains, which is just as stunning, or so I think.

Most of all, November means the holidays are in full swing and I love the holiday season. It makes my heart so joyful and giddy. As much as I thought I wouldn't listen to Christmas music (here), I caved in and Pete and I listened to it the past two days. I'm even listening to it now. You see, I always had a rule with myself that I wouldn't listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving was over. But, there just isn't any Thanksgiving music to listen to, and I am craving holiday tunes. So why not indulge?? I'm glad I did. 

And to get further into the holiday spirit, Saturday, Pete and I traveled back to my hometown to scavenge around in the woods behind my parents' house for decorating treasures. We decided to take our holidays rustic and make a lot of our own decorations for our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a married couple. On our way south, Pete treated us to Starbucks and if you know me, you know how excited I was about this. An excitement that nearly burst when I discovered the red cups are back and so are the holiday drinks! Usually, a tall in size with my drinks, I went all out and upped my non-fat caramel brulée latte to a venti! It was my best decision all day. But, back to that trip home. Pete and I collected pine needles, pine cones, and a whole assortment of sticks and vines. We have big holiday décor plans and needed quite the supply of materials. And we collected just that. 

There was also a photo session with my mom, who graciously agreed to snap some pictures of Pete and I. We have our first Christmas card to send out this year (yipee!!) and what a more perfect backdrop than a wooded area filled with pines. Yes, Saturday was wonderful, more than wonderful. And so was Sunday, a day we spent giving thanks to the Lord, crafting decorations, and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. I'd like a repeat, please. 

 ^^Our ride for the day.^^
Now to put all or our decorations together. Yay for the holidays, yay for time with my amazing husband!