Berries, Pine, and Wreaths....Oh MY!

November 6, 2013

No surprise here that holiday decorations are at the top of my priority list these days. I can't help myself, I just get so swept up in the cozy feeling the holidays bring. So, as you know last weekend Pete and I gathered up a bunch of materials to make homemade decorations this year. Our concentration is mostly on Christmas-inspired décor, but we're trying to come up with some Thanksgiving-ish items as well. We started out by making wreaths and boy, do I love them. They're so homey and rustic and 'us'. I've enjoyed putting the work into creating them; they're decorations that we won't find in someone else's home and every time we look at them a little pride runs over at our craftiness.

Besides our wreaths, we've got some other decorative ideas up our sleeves. Including this stick tree (below). We'll be stringing it with lights and putting other touches on it such as simple ornaments. We thought it made a great addition to our dining room wall, a wall that needed a little TLC. It was kind of a last minute decision, to make it, but since we had so many extra branches that we just couldn't part with, this guy came into being. I'm pretty excited about it actually, and can't wait to put the finishing touches on it. But, I'll try to hold of on that until Thanksgiving is over (maybe). 

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to decorate, this is the ticket. All of these decorations were completely free. Unless you want to count the twine we used to hold our stick tree together, which we already had from previous projects (i.e. our wedding). A little imagination, a collection of nature's treasures, and some willingness to craft, and you're on your way to a rustic holiday season surrounded by all your homemade goodies. 

 ^^These are vines we just twisted together to create the wreath shape we were looking for.^^
 ^^We like to craft in our pajamas!^^
^^A much smaller wreath that we have big plans for closer to December.^^
^^I'm really in love with this tree!^^
^^And of course we had to make a start to go on top. Hot glue does wonders.^^