Goodbye Maryland

October 2, 2013

Utterly exhausted and still on the road no less. But, fiance and I are one giant step closer to finally being back in the burgs. It's been a long dream and today is one of many actions in making it come true. With a 26 foot trailer behind me, I willl accept the fact that I have been up since 4:30 this morning. That a few wrong exits made the trip to Maryland a tad bit longer. And that this moving truck is so dag on bouncy that, instead of a smooth ride, it's been almost 11 hours of riding a galloping horse. But, I will grin and bear it all, even the forthcoming muscle soreness that will settle in tonight while I sleep. This day has been tough, but great all because it puts us that much closer to being in our home. And we can't wait to be back where we belong.

So as I adjust myself for the umptenth time on the vinyl board of a seat and try to keep myself awake to be a good co-pilot, I am smiling one large grin on the inside. We will be home so soon and it feels so marvelously good. The Maryland chapter has come to a close and we are so ecstatic to begin our next adventure! 

And yes, we planned a move 3 days before our wedding. What can I say, we like a little excitement and chaos sometimes.