Pep In My Step

September 4, 2013

I've been in Blacksburg for 8 weeks now. Leaving Maryland was one of the hardest decisions, but with possibilities of relocating back to the area, it was up to me to be proactive about finding a job for myself and place to live for the newlywed Hills. Finding both of these, has been quite a difficulty (no luck yet, but do let me know if you have any leads). If it weren't for the exercise regimen my cousin inspired me to partake in, I might have gone a little crazy with all the searching, wedding preparation, and distance standing between fiancé and I. Boot Camp Challenge has been a complete blessing to me and has boosted my motivation, health, and physical well-being. With camps lasting in five to six week increments, I have a goal to work toward in a specific amount of time. And tracking my food, measurements, and strength helps me to see the progress I'm making and continue on. It's been a wonderful program to be a part of, with fellow campers to keep you accountable, a sergeant to keep motivating and pushing you forward, and results that lift your spirits! I couldn't be more thrilled with my decision to join, and if you're looking for a workout that will break a sweat, make your muscles sore (in the best way) from a day's exercise routine, and give you a jump start on a healthy lifestyle change, then this is it! I've never felt better and taking time in my life for the betterment of myself has really brought back the pep in my step! Can I get a HOO-AAH?! Leave a comment if you're interested in the program!