Wedding Wednesday: Making It All Legal

August 28, 2013

On Monday, Pete and I ventured to my sleepy little hometown's courthouse to apply for our marriage license. If you know anything about obtaining said license, you know it means you are required to get married within the next 60 days. Monday made forty (40!!!) days until our wedding. I want to skip all over the place and hum a never-ending tune! Every step in this journey of ours has been a first for both of us, and sharing that just for ourselves is a feeling I'll treasure always. And similar to the other wedding to-do's this particular task really brought the reality of how close our wedding day is. It was another moment of, "This is really happening. Holy cow! How lucky are we?!". Such comments have not been in any shortage for the past ten months (almost 11)!

Needless to say, strolling across the front lawn into the double doors of the aged brick building felt surreal. I haven't been inside this courthouse since I got a license of another kind, my driver's license; and that's been seven years ago (wow!). Luckily, we had no trouble finding the clerk's office right off the bat, not that we were super excited to vocalize our agenda or anything. And upon asking to apply for our marriage license, the lady behind the old wooden counter asked if we wanted to get married that day. As tempting as it was to take the bait on that offer, we know how much we want to share our vowels and commitment to one another in front of our family and friends. So, after a few seconds of hesitation and realizing we had no witness, we said no ;)

But, we did walk out of that courthouse with all needed documents in hand, beaming grins, and the guarantee that in a little over a month we will be bound to one another not only in God's eyes, but also in the state's. That's right, we're about to become legally tied to one another for a lifetime and I can't wait :)