Revamping Pillows & Grandmom Time

August 16, 2013

I am home décor obsessed! And I find particular love for taking something I already own and giving it a facelift. Over the years I have collected my share of decorative pillows, all of which I have eventually outgrown as far as appearance. With some spare fabric tucked away, I opted to recover them instead of investing in brand new pillows. Because sure enough my taste will change and I will no long love these particular pillows quite like I do now. 

This isn't my first pillow rodeo. The summer of 2010, I made five pillows to bring some color and life to my bed. Who did I turn to for guidance and expertise? None other then my grandmother. That woman is a sewing wizard and has been her entire life. She has made me countless clothing, every Halloween costume I ever wore, and taught me a lot about the skill all while sharing life with me. It's one of my greatest blessings having her in my life and having the incredible relationship we have. With a lot of time spent away from my hometown this year, spending time with Grandmom while I am here is one of my priorities. 

So add two and two together, and you see why re-covering pillows with Grandmom is the only way to go. Several hours, multiple seam-ripping moments, and a handful of attempts at threading that darn bobbin later, my less than attractive pillows have been refreshed. And all the while Grandmom and I were goofing off and stacking up quality time together! 

My future home will host these lovely pillows on the family room couches. Without a doubt, every time I look at/use one I will think of my sweet Grandmom :) 

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