Wedding Wednesday: A Look Back

June 5, 2013

An August 4th end-of-summer picnic at work, that's how it all started. To put the timeline together I need to go back to the beginning of that summer when I first noticed Pete. You see, he and I were working at the same place, but holding different positions, which meant we rarely crossed paths. Occasionally though, while sitting at the front desk, he would walk by and pass me a contagious smile, but I couldn't muster up the courage to introduce myself. Thus, it wasn't until mid-summer on a July day that we officially met. I was in charge of bringing research vehicles to a different parking lot, and having had foot surgery two months earlier and still being in a boot, I found myself in a pickle when the last vehicle to move was a manual. Needing help, I knew exactly where to head to find the garage, where Pete was. He happily took on the job and you could say we were finally acquaintances. A few weeks later we were put together on a project, which entailed spending several hours a day together. Those hours were the highlight of my summer, but cool cat Pete was so difficult to read and I figured our friendship wouldn't continue outside of work. So when summer came to a close, the picnic celebration was bittersweet. After a few hundred trips down the giant water slide, a game of horseshoes, and a conversation perched on coolers with CapriSuns in hand, the day came to a close. Pete, who was heading to his hometown for the two weeks before senior year began, gave me that charming smile of his and a goodbye wave. But before getting in his car, he asked if I had his number to contact him if I needed any help taking down his large water slide construction. Smooth, wasn't he??

And 22 months and a day later, here we are, engaged and set to be married in exactly four months. Who would have guessed I would have ended up with that handsome gentleman that caught my attention and heart over a summer. I was prepared to never see this guy again, but now I'll be seeing him for a lifetime and I couldn't be more ecstatic! A work crush turned into the love of my life and future husband. I've never met someone who gets me like he does, loves me so unconditionally, strives for the best in our relationship, brings out the goofiness in me, and wants to share the most out of life together. To say I'm blessed would be an understatement. That summer most certainly taught me about God's timing and I couldn't be more grateful for it. My Pete, I can't wait to marry you and become your wife :)

May 2012 (left) and May 2013 (right)...Same hat, same braid, same crazy love!