The Festival Around Town

June 17, 2013

Mid June the festival rolls into my hometown. The rides unfold and their brilliant lights illuminate the summer night, the smell of deep-fried food overwhelms the air, and music drifts along. As simple as festivals are, there is something so magical about them. Even at 23 years old, I still get that giddy feeling about the thrills of a fair and the way it can bring a whole town together. My inner child surfaces and reminds me of the simplicity that exists in life and the joy that can be found in the smallest of things. This weekend, the Festival Around Town was in full swing and it's the first time I got to take Pete with me to soak it all in. We dropped in after the sun had gone down and the moon had taken over the night sky. The festival was winding down, and we had shown up just in time to get two of my favorite things. You must remember, this is a once-a-year treat, and it's been three years since I have been in town on the festival weekend to indulge. So not only was this festival special in getting to share a childhood memory with my fiance, but also because I finally got my hands on the homemade lemonade and funnel cakes that only this festival can produce. And just as remembered, the white truck with FUNNEL CAKE plastered to the side was tucked away in front of the community center, on the right, with the same smell wafting from its giant windows. The funnel cake was phenomenal and like always, I had a sugar spike after finishing it off, only to be intensified by the sweet lemonade. Oh, what a wonderful feeling it was! The festival did not disappoint, and we'll be back next year, no question.