Wedding Wednesday: The Countdown

May 22, 2013

322. That was the number of days I started counting down the day Pete and I booked the church and reception venue. Since then 6 months have passed and the number of days have decreased to 136. I LOVE seeing the number get smaller and smaller, which is why I decided I wanted a new way to tick those numbers off of the calendar.

So, Monday, when Pete got home from work, I told him we needed to collect branches. Confused he went along (asking plenty of questions in the process) and helped me find a handful of branches (hopefully it isn't illegal to snag branches off of a public tree...oops). Once inside, I explained that we would be making a countdown tree. With numbers written on small pieces of paper and ribbons strung though the small punched holes, our 'tree' would be adorned with the days leading up to our wedding. The plan is to pluck off the current number each evening, until our 'tree' is bare and our big day is finally here. 

It's precious time in this season of engagement and we are enjoying every moment. But no mistaking, we are incredibly excited to get hitched!!