I'd Like It If...

May 24, 2013

  • there were never those hard, white pieces of lettuce in my salad (yuck to that dirt taste)
  • every bedroom had a ceiling fan in it
  • there was an American version of the Bento Box
  • heated seats existed in movie theaters (it's always cold in there...or is that just me?)
  • there were more 3 day weekends
  • time could slow down occasionally
  • summers off weren't just for students (those were the days)
  • my hair would fall perfectly everyday (oh wishful thinking)
  • better movies were made these days (I've got my fingers crossed for The Great Gatsby)
  • HGTV would come knock on my door one day for home renovations
  • my closet consisted of the clothes on my Pinterest board
  • recipes with the title "perfect cookie" were actually just that and not the opposite (I fall for it every time)

Sometimes it's okay to just...