His Design

May 31, 2013

Do you ever find yourself thinking about your past? About how you made it to the point in your life that you're at today? I know that I occasionally hash out my life and in those times there are moments I wish I could do-over. But that's about as far as I get when I am abruptly stopped by overwhelming gratefulness. My entire train of thought switches from what could have been, to thank God for what has been and is now. I  am humbly reminded that my life is not on the path I decide, but His. And even though I may stumble and make mistakes at times, God uses that to make a difference in my life. He allows me to learn and grow from the life situations I chose to take into my own hands, always bringing me back to Him and reminding me where my faith should lay. How can I not be in awe of His wonder and ability to love and stick with me at all times. I know that the doors that were shut and the opportunities missed brought me to this time and place in my life. Although not easy to understand then, it's so clear now where God's plans were trying to get me. I can never express my appreciation for the life I lead today. For the man I'm going to marry, the family I have and am gaining, the friends that surround me, and the daily blessings bestowed upon me. My outlook on life so drastically changes, when I keep God in my sight and in my heart. It's His timing that keeps this world going round and my life forever prospering as He destines it to be.