All In A Weekend's Time

April 29, 2013

We ate, and ate, and ate, and ate some more this weekend. With Pete's college roommate in town for a visit, we decided on exploring more of this area and discover all that if offers. So we strolled around in the downtown mall where I was tempted to purchase all the flowers waiting for the taking, the boys played with cars, trains, and planes, and the three of us enjoyed midday coffee drinks. Spring, bursting with blooms and a bright color palette that immediately boosted our moods, was all around us as we walked around. The temperature couldn't have been more perfect, as it settled in the mid-seventies for the entirety of the day. We followed-up our downtown tour with a grilled barbecue lunch (any excuse to use the grill and sit on our balcony) and some games. And yes, we had dinner too (boys eat like crazy!) at a family-owned Italian restaurant with food the size of your head. We didn't stop there either. Ice cream cones from the corner creamy were dessert. If you haven't caught on, food was most certainly a huge theme for the weekend. Truthfully, after all the indulging, I'm not sure how I didn't pack on a few extra pounds...must have been countered with all that downtown walking, right?! Saturday was fantastic and like the energizer bunny, it never stopped. We packed as much activity into twelve hours as was possible. Which means, Sunday was the down day, spent relaxing while the rain refreshed the earth outside. Now I find myself wanting another weekend just like this last one; funny how something so wonderful leaves you wanting more.