Twists & Turns

March 14, 2013

Life doesn't always go the way we want. The future we've planned doesn't span out just the way originally envisioned. And when those plans seemingly crumble, you're left feeling like you have no control over where that great big future of yours is actually headed. That's when the dots connect and you remember that you really don't have control. It's a hard concept to grasp and goes against human nature to let go and let Him take over. And on days when not much seems to be going like it should, we need the reminder that even when it's not going according to our plan, it's not always suppose to. And not until later do we discover why it was that life took a different direction than we wanted. It's the unexpected turns and twists in life that leave us feeling crazy, joyful, angry, and surprised. Just all a part of the bigger plan...His bigger plan. So even though dinner is going down the tube, work isn't moving along as scheduled, and time is moving faster than it needs to, there is a reason for it all. My tip: pray, a lot.