Turning It All Around

March 7, 2013

As I am sitting here contemplating life, a sudden reassurance of my future has flooded me. So much so, that I have goosebumps. Instead of worrying about the ifs (if my writing career will take off, if I'll be a great wife, if I will find joy in this small Maryland town, if my foot will heal properly, etc.) I am overcome with hope. I wasn't really expecting that kind of feeling after a week where everything has seemed out of whack and the prospect of finally adjusting to a new place feels close to impossible.

Instead, I began to think of this weekend and next week and what that entails. It looks like a Saturday surrounded by family accompanied by an overwhelming joy as we welcome two little guys into the Hill clan. It looks like a day in D.C. with my best friend and future husband where we will enjoying quality time together, exploring new places. It looks like a Monday arrival of my sister and cousin to share a a handful of days with me during their spring break. Just thinking about it all reminds me of how blessed my life truly is.

I must remember, that I'm not alone in this life. And no matter how impossible or trying it all gets sometimes, I always have a very faithful Savior present. I see His love everyday in my caring parents, amazing sister, devoted fiance, wonderful Hill family, and incredible friends that He bestowed upon me. How could my heart not be filled with hope when I have all that I do around me.