Surprise Trip Destination(s)

March 3, 2013

Pete told me the two possible places that we could go for that surprise summer trip (remember the challenge??) I know what you're thinking, it's not a surprise now, but on the contrary. Pete only told me the state in which we would find ourselves, and as far as what we would do while there is still a mystery. He has narrowed the choice down between New York and Maine! I can see us in either place, and am ecstatic for a trip away with him! However, I still need 24 more followers to make this happen!! I know it's possible and every day that I check the blog my smile gets bigger with each new member. Plus, I love having you as a reader!

Give me your feedback on where we should go. And by the end of this week I will announce what the readers' vote was. In order for your feedback to count, you must join the blog first!!

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